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Dual coils clearomizer iclear 30 with rotatable drip tip

Price: $7.80
  • Model: iClear-30-Clearomizer
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Dual coils clearomizer iclear 30 with rotatable drip tip

The iclear 30 features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, a large 3ML capacity, and rotatable drip tip.

Replaceable Dual Coil

iclear 30 is the first dual coil clearomizer with a replaceable atomizer head, making it very inexpensive to maintain, while providing huge amounts of vapor and flavor.

Big Capacity

Another great feature of the iclear 30 is the large 3ml chamber for holding e-liquid. This means vapers can vape longer between fills, uninterrupted.

Rotatable Drip Tip

The iclear 30 utilizes a rotatable mouth piece with an innovative 360 degree rotating design. These mouth pieces are designed to swivel around, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable vape!

Iclear30 Sepecification:

- Length: 76mm
- Diameter: 19mm
- Resistance: 2.0ohm
- Weight: 120g
- Color: Clear, black, blue, green, purple, red
- Capacity: 3ml

iclear 30 wicks Clearomizer advantage:

- 1. Outstanding performance - produces loads of vapor and flavor & has a strong
- 2. throat hit Solid construction with no leaking
- 3. Dual coil
- 4. 3.0 ml capacity
- 5. Long wicking threads
- 6. 2.0 ohm
- 7. Use with any 510/Ego battery
- 8. Replaceable coil heads available

The iclear 30 with a top dual coil with long wicks. While the build quality and design are competent enough, the top coil arrangement was already somewhat long in the tooth even at the iclear 30’s introduction, with competitors such as the ProTank already demonstrating the greater performance potential of the bottom coil layout

Filling the iclear 30 for the first time is accomplished by unscrewing the knurled top cap to expose the coil head and wicks. A sort of rubber "nipple" covers the coil head. The user drips eliquid along the inside of the plastic tank wall until the liquid reaches the top of each of the four wicks. Generally, I would advise 2 to 3 minutes of allowing the clearomizer to stand vertically so that the wicks soak up the eliquid before the first vape from the device.


The performance of the iclear 30 is actually quite good — for a while. When filled for the first time, the device puts out above-average vapor, delivers smooth and powerful throat hit, and produces competent flavor fidelity.

However, after the first few refills, the device has an unfortunate tendency to exhibit leakage and gurgling. Performance beyond that point takes a serious hit until a new head is installed. Now, I’m not quite sure what the issue is with that — it seems to happen regardless of which vendor’s eliquid I use, and regardless of what the liquid’s PG/VG ratio is, so I can’t say with any confidence whether the iclear 30’s heads are displaying wicking issues or whether the problem lies elsewhere.

With the iclear 30, I find that good performance is actually a source of disappointment due to how short-lived it is.

Real World Experience

In real world use, I tend to fill and use an iclear 30 only when I have nothing else available. It is certainly a serviceable clearomizer — serviceable in the context of the word meaning, “I can make do with it if need be” — but the top coil design means that you cannot just vape it absent-mindedly, particularly when it gets down around halfway full.

Getting down near the halfway point, it becomes necessary — as it is with all top coil clearomizers — to do the “tilt and spin” maneuver to keep the wicks wet. That is a workaround that, frankly, I do not miss at all. Vaping is something I like to let my autonomous mind deal with while my attention is focused elsewhere. That style of vaping just is not well served by the iclear 30.

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